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8 Tips On How To Impress Your Buyer & Sell At Top Dollar

How do some property owners fetch a higher selling price than others?

When selling your house, the aim is to maximise profits by attracting your ideal buyers. In this guide, learn how you can market your property strategically using top tips of the trade. Work with me to showcase your house in the most appealing ways.

Tip #1: Clean Up

A clean home is an attractive home. It will engage your potential Buyer and make him/her feel that he/she could create a home in your place. This first impression is important. Make sure, you do a thorough spring-cleaning before you put your home up for sale. Clean the floor, wipe away stains on walls and cabinets. Clear the cobwebs and remove any offensive odours and smells. Use room fragrances and scented candles.

If your walls are looking really dreary, you may even indulge in a fresh coat of paint. Your place needs to convey a sense of joy to make the buyer buy it.

Tip #2: Declutter

An untidy home cluttered with too many things detract from the beauty of your place. If you look at show-rooms, you will see that they present a house or flat with enough things to make it look homey, but not too much to make it look untidy.

Look at each room with the eyes of your potential buyer. How can you make it look more appealing?

So, pack away your knick-knacks, broken toys, family photos, stacks of old newspapers and magazines etc. This might also be a good time to donate things you have outlived or not used for years.

Make your place look liveable and comfortable, yet luxurious.

Tip #3: Rearrange

When we have lived in a place for a long time, we may not notice how cramped your furniture could appear to others. For example, if you have a broken chair in the kitchen or a sofa whose fabric is torn.

Create a sense of space by getting rid of unsightly and under-utilised furniture. Or rearrange the furniture in such a way to enhance the room. The potential Buyer will find it easeful to move around the room.

Tip #4: Repair

Help your place to look its best to convince your potential Buyer to buy it. If you have broken furniture or fittings, try to restore and repair it.

You don’t have to go to great expense. Just a light repair or clever camouflage will make your place more attractive. The right presentation can make the Buyer feel that the place is ready to move in.

Tip #5: Lighting

The appropriate lighting can enhance the atmosphere of a home. If it is too dark, it can look dingy. Lights and lamps located in the right spots can create an ambience of comfort ad home. So, make sure you put the lights on when a potential Buyer visits so that it feels homey and inviting.

“A house is made of bricks and beams. A home is made of hopes and dreams.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tip #6: Home-Staging

After you have cleaned up your property, you can stage your home before presenting it to buyers interested in its potential.

Retail owners hire visual merchandisers to improve sales by decorating their shops with plants, lights and artworks. Likewise, home-staging is a concerted effort to present your property’s best features.

For example, if you have large windows that bring in natural light, it’s a good idea to have light curtains which will make your place look bright. This will make your place more appealing, thus more saleable.

Tip #7: Pricing

Of course, you want the best price for your home. But you must also be realistic. Over-pricing can deter potential buyers who are really keen.

It is easy to get the latest transactions, say for a HDB in your area to give you an idea of the appropriate price for your property. A good agent will help you with this.

Selling Your Property?

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Consider the following factors that will help determine the right selling price for your property.

The Selling price for you property is dependant on the the supply and demand during the period you’re selling.

Other than the current prices in the market, we also need to look at how the properties listed prices compare to the recent transacted price for a more accurate analysis. Hi-Lo price ratio is the number of high price listings over the number of low price listings.

This refers to the rate of property transaction during the month. This is determined by looking at the properties transacted in a specific area during the month.

Most importantly, engage a professional agent.

There are some who may feel that an agent does not warrant such high commission.

However, engaging a Professional Property Agent who is armed with years of experience in property selling can help you avoid pitfalls while keeping within legal guidelines.

How Can Your Property Agent Help In Sales?

Besides taking good-angled photos of your property, your agent also has avenues in advertising and marketing your property. Moreover, it is far easier for a Property Agent to negotiate the price for you than for you to do it yourself. He can help manage Buyer’s expectations, vet viewers and explain the timeline of the process.

Even after the sale has gone through, a good Property Agent will assist you with further queries or issues. A truly professional agent will be there to guide you through the whole process.


Frequently Asked Questions

The minimum age is 21 years old to purchase a resale HDB flat as part of a family nucleus. This refers to your spouse and children, parents and siblings or if you’re widowed or divorced, with children under your custody.

If you’re single (unmarried or divorced), minimum age is 35. If you’re widowed or orphaned, the minimum age is 21.

Yes, if you’re a Singaporean Citizen of at least 35 years old, you can buy a HDB flat as a single.

There are certain criteria to be met depending on which scheme you are applying under.

Note: Single PRs are not eligible to buy HDB flats, only private property.

The cost of a home in Singapore depends on several factors.

First and foremost, the type of property (BTO, Resale, HDB, Condo, EC, Apartment, Landed).

A property’s value is also gauged based on maturity of the estate, proximity to amenities, property age and condition of the unit. 

Additional expenses such as legal fees, stamp duties, maintenance fees, conservancy fees and home insurance also goes into the cost of being a home owner.

Private property owners interested in buying a BTO flat must sell off all their private properties at least 30 months before applying for a BTO flat.

If you’re intending to purchase a resale HDB flat, you must sell off all your private properties within 15 months of purchasing a resale HDB flat.

As a Singapore Citizen or PR, there is no limit to the number of private properties you can own.

HDB owners who are interested in upgrading to a private property can do so after Minimum Occupancy Period (MOP) of 5 years.

If you want to own both HDB flat and private property, you must first purchase a HDB flat and occupy it for at least 5 years before investing in a private property and earn rental income from it.

To understand your property needs better, I will need more information such as your outstanding loan and financial assessment to advice you. 

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In full, the term is known as Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty. This is a tax that is levied on top of Buyer’s Stamp Duty (ie. a tax that property buyers have to pay when they buy a property).

More details can be found on IRAS website here.

No, you do not need to pay any consultation fee.

As an experienced property agent, I strongly believe in building a clear and lasting relationship with my clients.

At Gelvin Chng Properties, I provide complimentary consultation with a personalised risk analysis report for you.

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